Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DaLLaS' SeCoND NeW KNee!

Well Dallas had his knee surgery today! It was a long day for both of us... We were at the surgical center at 11:00 (a half hour early... the weather was horrible) they took him back and I waited and waited... made a beanie (new project, Scott Linsley from my work taught me how to crochet them) then they came and got me and took me to recovery... He did way good and it went super well... they fixed the meniscus, cleaned up a bunch of stuff from his first surgery (back when we were dating) and he is now home (we got home around 5:00pm) sleeping on the couch (he can't get up the stairs to the bedroom, plus he thought that it might be too dangerous... i guess i kick!) So now it is my bedtime so I can go to work tomorrow! Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today we had a Christmas type lesson for Young Women class, what our pres. does is a little different. Every year we have a Christmas Breakfast, we go pick up the girls that don't usually come, in pj's or what ever, and this year we had an egg pizza; cinnamon rolls, and juice & fruit. Then we give them there Christmas gifts this year, a bell ornament and a yarn scarf (thanks Lacey) and share a favorite Christmas memory or our favorite Christmas story. I am so thankful for the two young women we have right now. I feel that I am so blessed to have this calling to teach me how to serve others. Our Young Womens program is few in numbers but I think that they have great faith and that helps me to appreciate the job I have to help the ones who are not quite there yet. Well that it my little spill for today! Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WiNTeR iS HeRe!

The first good snow storm... this starts off my Christmas season! Well we have been busy getting ready for the holidays... The first of Dec. I made table decorations for our ward Christmas party. They turned out way cute... I will post a pic once i take one of the sample. Then I had to get my Christmas presents ready for my work friends... so off to Tai Pan to get some ideas! I came up with something way cute thanks to Dallas he helped me with the idea... I found these way cute candy jars... filled them with little cranberries and provided a way good jello recipe with the jello's inside the jars. Now I am making scarfs for my young women for Sunday and making sure all of the paperwork is done for Dallas' knee surgery (that will be next tuesday!) So that is what I have been up to...not much fun but way busy... Sorry NO PICTURES! Hopefully I will have some next time! Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Our Thanksgiving Breakfast! The big decision... where do we go for dinner? Well we always go to breakfast with my family and then they head up to Bear Lake... And we have dinner with Dallas family! I get my mom's Thanksgiving on Sunday! I am so excited for the holidays, I am now ready for snow so I guess let it come! HaPPy HoLiDayS!

My FaMiLy

Me WiTH My CuTe NePHeW RyKeR

My auNT JeNNiFeR, My GRaNDPa & GRaNDMa

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Black Cabinets & Black Car!

Well not much has been going on! Kinda, we have been working really hard to make our townhouse more livable! So we, actually I, decided instead of getting new cabinets we would paint them! But what color, just so happens I went to school for that exact question! So with the much needed help of my dad, we painted our cabinets black! I love them we are now in the process of distressing them and glazing them with a red amber color to match my dinning room table! After that we will move on to the tile floor!
Well you are probably wondering where the black car comes in to the title! Well we got a new car!!! We are so very excited! After looking long and hard we ran across the deal of a lifetime... for our dream vehicle! Dallas found it online... we went down and test drove it at Nate Wade Subaru on Sat. Loved it but Dallas never makes a rash decision! So we came home thought about it on Sunday... went back down again on Monday... Looked at it again, still love it! Talked some numbers... still came home empty handed! Finally we went back down Tuesday night and came home with our new FJ CRUISER! Yea! It is perfect almost new, and we love it.
Now it is time to get my dependable Honda ready to try to sell... She has been a great car and I will be sad to get rid of her... But it is time to move on! So That Is the Little bit of what we have been up to!

Monday, October 27, 2008

MaN TaG!

What is your husband's full name: Dallas Kelly Penrod

How long have you been married? About 5 1/2 years (FoReVeR!!!)

How long did you date? We dated about 9 months before he popped the question!!!

How old is he? 28 (he's old!!)

Who eats more sweets? Definitely me I love chocolate anything sweet, he would rather have meat and potatoes!

Who said "I love you" first? This is really bad but... I can't remember! That was like 6+ years ago... what a bad wife!

Who is taller? Dallas is taller! but if I wear my platform dress shoes we are eye level!

Who can sing best? Dallas is very limited in the music area! I guess that leaves me but that is not much better! I can sing better on Rock Band!

Who is smarter? Well I would like to think that it was me!!! But I know better! He is super good at doing math in his head! He tried to teach me once... it did not take so well... Not that I can't handle my own but I think Dallas has me in the brain category!

Who does the laundry?I take care of laundry... if he will do the dishes! It works out well for both!

Who pays the bills? Dallas takes care of the bills... I could if I had to but its just easier for him to!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Dallas does... its closer to the alarm... I don't hear it!
Who mows the lawn? Our association... But we both would if we had to!

Who cooks dinner? We both do. But somethings Dallas cooks better and others are my specialty! We both love to cook and try new things!

Who drives? Dallas is the designated driver when ever we are together!

Who kissed who first? Dallas kissed me first on our third date! I remembered that one!

Who asked who out first? Dallas asked me out first... It was a blind date!

Who wears the pants? It depends on the topic, we both do at times!

I LoVe You DaLLaS!

I tag anyone who wants to... THaNKS!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last night we got to go to the LaST Salt Lake Real regular season game at the new Rio TiNTo STaDium! It was SO much fun and the new stadium is way cool. minus the lack of parking! It was an iNCReDiBLe game lots of action... four or five yellow cards and two reds (both reds for FC DAllAS) We lucked out with great seats (thanks mom) Now as long as Colorado will lose on Sunday they will have a guaranteed spot for the playoffs! Super EXCiTiNG! I would much rather see sports in real life than of the TV... Hopefully we will be able to get tickets to the US Mens Rugby game in November!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Well... Last Saturday night we went over to our friends (Bryce and Shanny's) Had super good food (Dallas made a MaN'S PaSTa SaLaD!) chips, drinks... and some super good TuNeS!! ( Thanks Shannon!) But over all we had a great poker night... I was not quite the first to lose but close... It was down to Bryce and Brandon when we left! Thanks for a good time (DeFiNaTLey aLoT oF LauGHS!) Cant wait till next month! Sorry no pics, no camera!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well... lots has been happening... The most exciting is my nephew, Ryker had his first surgery for his cleft pallet and lip! Everything went great and he is such a trooper! See Jayme's blog to see great pictures... she will have them before I will!

This is me and Dallas at ALCATRAZ! I am working on a slide show... I took way too many pictures to even tell you! But we had soooo!!! much fun in San Francisco! I can't wait to go back someday... the best purses in china town... so much shopping and way too many sites to see! I will post more later!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So we went to San Francisco, had a blast did everything you could possibly do in 4 days time! Got home eager to check e-mails, and our Internet crashed! Needless to say we have since gone with a different provider... Comcast sucks and there help techs are even more retarded than the company they work for... So soon we will be with another company and with an Internet that will work when you turn you computer on! So San Fran updates as soon as I get the Internet!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The fourth of July was way fun... we went to the North Ogden parade with Dallas' family then we all got together for dinner!!! Fireworks at Chuck and Lori's is always the best... Then on Sat we drove up to Bear Lake to spend some time with my family... I have never seen our Bear Lake beach so cram pack full of people (from now on I will stick to the less populated weekends!) But it was alot of fun we spent time with my Dad's family from Florida, we were so excited to see Terry, MJ and Dalton! (I have to steal pictures from my mom on that one) But it was also Rykers first Bear Lake trip... He had as much fun as we did I am sure... So here are a few pictures I took of Ryker before we left! He is getting so big...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CALIFORNIA!! (a month later!)

Well these are the only pictures that I took of our California trip... We went down to the Ventura Harbor for lunch and to wander through the shops... It was a ton of fun and after that we went up to main street and found some great little shops!!! I love finding great deals and I do love to shop every now and then... It really made the trip fun I went shopping every day and got some cute stuff for everyone! And Dallas got to golfing pretty much the whole time! They played in a tournament and they took 1st place gross for the girl and boy teams! They also took first place in the Rock Band challenge (they had an advantage Dallas and his cousin Chad both love to play Rock Band) but still they won some fun stuff and got a trophy! Well hope everyone is having a good summer... Its almost over! Enjoy the sun while its here(I am!!!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A picture is finally here! Sorry it took so long... They kept Ryker in the NICU till Sunday and Friday I left for my California trip and just got home today!!! So just a heads up Ryker is home...happy... and eating well... But anyway here is a picture I took when he was born... I will get more as soon as I can so you can see his darling dark hair!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We are so excited... my sisters little guy is here... RYKER SCOTT NAY was born June 2nd at 10:30 pm.( it was a long... long day) he is healthy and was 7lbs 8oz at 19 1/2 inches long... We are so excited that he is finaly here and will post pictures soon Congratulations Jayme and Scott!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am happy to announce that we made it!!! There is no take backs and according to my dad the return policy was up after the first year! May 22 was our 5 year anniversary! I can not believe that it has been that long! I can't believe that Dallas made it that long! The funny thing is I still kinda like the guy! I guess that we will just have to see if we make it the next 5 years! (Forever is too long to think about I like to take it 5 years at a time, a little more manageable!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well I still don't have much new to post! We are just waiting for my sister to have her baby... She is due June 2nd and is very confident that he will be a June baby... I have been getting my house ready for some new carpet and tile... So we have been doing some major cleaning... ( I work with the people that will come to measure and install and how embarrassed would I be with a dirty house!) Other than that not too much else is going on... Just preparing for CALIFORNIA!!! Oh... Who was thrilled with the 90 degree weather this weekend... I know that I was!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


This is another I AM EXCITED POST! Just a little FYI, Dallas' Uncle and Aunt live in California... They invited us out so Dallas can do some major golfing and I can do some major shopping! Just what I need more shopping... But anyway so the days are set the plane tickets purchased and we are headed to California the first part of June! Besides the shopping I am way excited to go to the beach and get some of those great California rays...So because of the beach aspect of our trip I have decided to make every effort to get in the shape! So far I have gone to the gym everyday since I found out the trip was a go! Good for me... that is a whole four days lets see how the next month goes! Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have decided that because I lead a rather blagh life...with not much to blog about I will post anything that makes me happy so you can share! So today I went to a Purse Party... ( when I go to heaven it will be a purse and shoe store!) Dallas hates these parties because I always come home with something... Today I got a new purse!!! It is so cute... It is a coach bag with lime green trim... That is what made me happy today! Hope you all enjoy as well!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I made this for a baby shower for Stacey, I work with her and she is soon expecting a new little girl. I was so excited to try this, I filled it with goodies a new little baby needs and all the big flowers go on headbands. It turned out super cute and everyone loved it! We all had a great time at her shower and can't wait for her new little addition!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


It is hard to post things when not much happens... I must say I am so happy the weatherman said Monday would be in the high 70's!!! That is the best news I have gotten in a few weeks! Also I have been attempting my first diaper bag... once I started I found I don't really know the basics of sewing so I bought a book and my bag has been put on hold while I make starter projects... window treatments and home decor items are the topics of the book so we will see how those turn out first. Now that spring is here I am gearing up to start fixing up my little townhouse... I just have to decide what I want first, my kitchen floor, carpet, painting etc... I have a few projects in mind I just can't decide what I want first! Well I have added some of my fav. websites please view and enjoy!

Friday, February 29, 2008


Can I just tell everyone... today was the first day I didn't wear a coat to work! YEA! The snow is melting and I don't have to climb an ice hill to get from the parking lot to the front door of my house!!! Spring is coming at full force, and I am welcoming it with open arms!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Tag you're soon to be IT....

I have been tagged by Jessie...

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beggining. B: Each player answers the quesations about themselves. C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 Years ago today...
That would make it 1998... 9th grade, I was pretty good at school... I'm sure I had homework that I was scrambling to finish! (I procratinted back then too!)

I Enjoy:
Spending all of my time with my husband... I just can never get enough time with him! I enjoy designing homes (can't wait to do mine!) and I love to sew... Right now I am working on draperies, and diaper bags!

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire?
Well I am sure Dallas would make me invest or save a good chunk so we would never have to work... Then we would begin doing all of the things we talk about... trips, presents, new car, I would share some of the billions with family... I hope to say I would still be the same person if I had a billion dollars!?

3 of my bad habits:
-I have the hardest time making decisions!
-I always have to put my cold feet on dallas' leg at night, just so I can fall asleep!
-I always put garabage in the sink! (It is just more convient!)

5 places I have lived:
-Harrisville UT
-North Ogden (But I have lived in 3 different locations within North Ogden)

5 Jobs that I have had:
-Acres Market
-Home Depot
-R-N-R Carpet Center
Thats it...

5 things people don't know about me:
-I was born with a heart problem...
-I wont eat meat off of a bone...
-I hate it when people put tin foil in thier windows (it makes me crazy!)...
-I love shoes and purses...
-I want to open a drapery/ design business...

Tag your It.... HOLLIE... KARA... STACY!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Ok I know how nerdy this all sounds but as a belated birthday present to myself (with the use of all of my great birthday gift cards) all I wanted was Guitar Hero III... We didn't have the xbox or anything so we finaly found all of the stuff that we needed and that is all that we have done all weekend. I now have blister on the tips of my fingers from hitting all of the dumb buttons. But I can't believe how much fun it is. We are now looking for Guitar Hero II so that we can have two controllers and a lot more songs to play. The funniest part is that Dallas enjoys it just as much if not more than me. We now have to take turns playing and right now it is his turn.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I AM 25!!!

Well last Saturday was my birthday!! I am now 25... We didn't do much but Dallas took me to my fav. place for dinner (CORBIN'S) I love the steak there! I am holding out for my present... I am waiting for the big art show at the beginning of Feb. to pick out a new picture for my living room! We had a big dinner at my parents house and my mom gave me a new bracelet :) I am milking my birthday week for all it is worth!! Just a little side note... I forgot to post a blip about Dallas birthday... So I will add it now. Dallas' birthday was Dec. 26 and he turned 28 this last year... On his birthday I took him to Unita Golf and I bought him a new wedge (it was the 60 one, what ever that means!) And then I made him his fav. dinner, Spaetzle and Schnitzel, with molten lava cake for desert!! It was great and he to made good use of his birthday week!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


These are my pictures of our BIG SNOW DAY... I just want to say I have the coolest car ever!!! My Subaru Legacy kicks butt!It drove like a champ all day no matter what the weather dished out! The best birthday present ever! Don't forget about the picture of my cute kitty waiting for the snow to attack him. He kept trying to attack the snow as it hit the window! I think the snow won out!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008