Sunday, June 5, 2011

THe SuN iS ouT!!!

I am so happy that it is finally warm, I can't wait to go for a walk and not get soggy and wet!

Well the last few months I have been feeling pretty crappy every now and then I get this horrible stomach pain (always in the middle of the night!) So I finally made a doctor appt. to try to figure what in the heck is going on, at first they said nothing was wrong but then they did some other tests and decided that I wasn't crazy or making it up and I needed my gallbladder removed.

So that is what I did last week! I feel so much better now, I can't even tell you! Now I just need to get my muscles and all that back up to par and I will feel like a new person. I had no idea how much you use your stomach muscles till this experience! I was never happier when I could sit up without Dallas' help! So a few more days of being lazy then its back to work. I actually miss being productive!

But that is all and I am so excited to feel the warm sunshine as well...