Sunday, April 19, 2009

80 DeGReeS HeRe We CoMe!

Well I don't really have much of anything new going on lately! But I always like to see new things on all your blogs so I must follow suit! All we have been doing lately is working, and that is about it... I am still learning how to golf that has been an interesting project for Dallas to try to teach me, I either do really good or I get really mad when I do really bad... I am still working on the in between, but on the upside there are more times that are good now and less bad! I have also started making a quilt... I never realized how much time it takes to just cut out all the pieces but it is still a huge work in progress. Other than that not much else is going on in our lives. Dallas will be skipping softball season this spring...(until his knee is a bit stronger) But he is working really hard to be ready for the fall season... I will miss watching him play this spring, I always enjoy it! But that's it! Oh ya hope everyone is as ready as I am for 80 degree weather next week! I CAN'T WAIT!