Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009 FiFa WoRLD CuP QuaLiFeR

Dallas & I got to go to the 2009 World Cup Qualifier. It was so much fun!!! We had incredible seats right behind the US goal for the first half, which also was when they scored both goals! We were totally outnumbered by El Salvadorians... I could not believe it... But no matter what it was a ton of fun, I love Rio Tinto's stadium and I can't wait to go again in 4 years!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

THe GReeN RiVeR...

The Green River fly fishing experiment... I call it an experiment because I was not positive that I would completely enjoy fly fishing. I knew I would love the Green River because it is water, until Dallas informed me that I would have to wear waders (that would clash with my swim suit) even better there was no swim suit for me!!! Then I get to take it one step further... Picture this ME... in my dad's waders ( I didn't have any so I borrowed his can we say a little large) In size nine boots ( I wear a 7 1/2 in women's shoes) walking first down a very steep incline ( the side of a mountain) to get to the river... walking through the river for like 4 or 5 hours (not exaggerating) then walking (water dredged) in my size 9 boots back up the dumb hill to get to the FJ. That was exciting, I only almost fell like twice down the side of a mountain. Other than that it was a way fun trip that I wish we could have stayed like three more days! I now love fly fishing and I love watching Dallas fly fish ( he actually catches fish) But maybe next time I will get one!

This is Flaming Gorge... on our way to the hotel and where we fish the green...
There is a deer that was just off the side of the river... squint and you can see it better...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

80 DeGReeS HeRe We CoMe!

Well I don't really have much of anything new going on lately! But I always like to see new things on all your blogs so I must follow suit! All we have been doing lately is working, and that is about it... I am still learning how to golf that has been an interesting project for Dallas to try to teach me, I either do really good or I get really mad when I do really bad... I am still working on the in between, but on the upside there are more times that are good now and less bad! I have also started making a quilt... I never realized how much time it takes to just cut out all the pieces but it is still a huge work in progress. Other than that not much else is going on in our lives. Dallas will be skipping softball season this spring...(until his knee is a bit stronger) But he is working really hard to be ready for the fall season... I will miss watching him play this spring, I always enjoy it! But that's it! Oh ya hope everyone is as ready as I am for 80 degree weather next week! I CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time To Stop & Breath...

Well the last little bit has been kinda crazy... From New Beginning's... Baby Shower... a planned trip... to an unexpected trip... I now have taken a moment to stop and breath! To start at the first... all of my invitations turned out great! Everyone loved them... I then began planing a trip to Alabama with my family to go visit my Grandpa... whose health was not so great... we got the trip all planed my work time was covered and I was gearing up for the baby shower and New Beginning's when I got a phone call from my mom saying that my papa had passed away Thursday night. Suddenly all my plans and everything now changed! So I did the baby shower Saturday morning... went to a birthday party for Dallas' cousin Jackson... began packing for our 12:30ish flight to Birmingham! My dad, mom, sister (Jayme) & her little boy Ryker began our trek! I was way impressed with how good Ryker did on the flight and the whole time. So we got in to Atlanta to discover our 9:00ish flight was canceled! LUCKY US... we ended up on a flight leaving at 10:00ish not to bad... so we found our gate and took a nap! We ended up in Birmingham got to our hotel at around 12:00 on Sunday! I requested a shower... my mom and Jayme headed to Walmart to get Ryker supplies... and my dad got Ryker to take a nap... we then headed to Papa's house to visit all of our family...almost everyone was there! I saw cousins I don't even remember the last time I saw them...(Just from pictures) and we sat around a talked all afternoon and got to spend a lot of good time with my family. Monday was the viewing and funeral... It was such a nice day...On Tuesday we spent a little more time at Papa's helping my Uncle Terry package up Papa's fish for the long ride to Florida. We got to spend some time with our grandma Mary and had a nice peaceful time at the cemetery before we headed back to the airport... It was a rushed trip... but so wonderful because of the time we spent with family and the joy in celebrating Papa. Pictures will soon follow!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

aNy iDeaS...

Well as of right now not much is going on like in almost every other post i write... But I need help with ideas!!! I am planning a baby shower for my friend (any good invitation ideas, food anything) Last shower I helped with my mom did, so my mom had all the good ideas!

Next I am helping to get ready for New Beginnings... (we are doing a thing with feet and shoes(Soul... Sole)) get the idea. again any great ideas for invitations, they think i am creative and can come up with anything... Right now I am... I won't say stumped just foggy... hence a sinus infection coupled with a head cold... Lucky me I get to go to work tomorrow... oh well!!! Enjoy the snow! Ya RIGHT!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another YeaR Older...

I do like that, being another year older... I might not like it for too much longer... I will just post about both mine and dallas birthdays at the same time since I think I neglected his... We will start with his Dec. 26 (I didn't forget this year!) Well Dallas got what ever he wanted for dinner, he wanted my homemade Schnitzel with garlic red potatoes. Lucky Him... He had his knee surgery two days before Christmas so other than dinner he laid on the couch. Yay Him! As for the present he wanted a new fly fishing rod, instead he has now decided to get a new stereo system for the fj. Happy Birthday Dallas!
As for me my birthday week started on Sunday Jan 18, with dinner at the Roberts, we had great food and my parents gave a Wii Fit (which I love). On to my Holiday Birthday (thank you Martin Luther King Jr.) Dallas surprised me with my little zune (in red). And a great dinner at Corbins (the best molten lava cake ever!) My birthday week will end with dinner at the Penrod's on Sunday. Lucky Me! I do love my birthday week!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

NoT QuiTe a ReSoLuTioN...

Well I am not one for resolutions... I just end up disappointed when I end up not following through! So I have decided that I am just going to try my hardest... to go to the gym as much as possible and try harder in my church calling, and last but not least try to be nicer to other people that bug me. Not a tough task but something I really struggle with! Wish me good luck! OH ya the other thing... try to take more pictures to post, I always enjoy pictures the most so I will also work on that!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I think that mother nature thinks she is funny... 4-12 inches of snow one day... 45+ degree temp. the next, I guess that is not that warm but the sun is taunting me if nothing else! It screams at me "look at me, look at me, but if you try to come out to bask in my warmth you WILL get frostbite!" I enjoy weather change but how can i appreciate it if I don't complain about it.
Not much new going on the Holiday's were the Holiday's, too much food, lots of family and this year alot of time at home with Dallas! It has been nice but I did enjoy going back to work, I also enjoyed Dallas going back to work too! But that is about it not much else so I hope everyone else will enjoy the sun and frostbite with me! Bring on Spring...